bilboes (plural only)

  1. an iron bar fitting around the ankles of prisoners, and having sliding shackles
    • 2001: The bilboes looked like handcuffs that went around the ankles. The prisoner lay flat on his back, in the dirt, his feet suspended in the air by a length of iron bar to which the bilboes were fastened. — Glen David Gold, Carter Beats The Devil

7 letters in word "bilboes": B B E I L O S.

Anagrams of bilboes:

Words found within bilboes:

be bel bels bes bi bib bible bibles bibs bilbo bilbos bile biles bio bios bis bise bleb blebs blob blobs bo bob bobs boil boils bole boles bos ebb ebbs el els es io ios is isle iso lei leis les lesbo li lib libs lie lies lis lo lob lobe lobes lobi lobs los lose ob obe obeli obes obi obis obs oe oes oi oil oils ole oles os ose sei seil sel si sib sibb sile silo slob sloe so sob soil sol sole solei soli

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